Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Be a Cute Boyfriend

No matter how manly you are, every girl wants to have a cute boyfriend to be adorable and sweet to them. A little cuteness goes a long way when trying to impress and win over a girl. So hide your manly pride and try out these cute tips.
1. Write little notes
Girls love to receive messages especially in a note form and in your handwriting, these small gestures just make them go crazy. Leave a little note on her mirror or dresser saying how much you love her, wishing her a beautiful day, or saying how much you miss her.
2. Text messaging 
Text messaging has become extremely popular these days and also more romantic. Texting your girlfriend a short message during your work day or while out with your friends can show that you have her on your mind, thinking about her, and anything else you want to include in the message.
3. Give her flowers
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that girls love to receive flowers. You don’t have to be rich to buy a huge bouquet either. Just run to your local convenient store or grocery store and pick up a few roses or flowers and send them to her office to leave them for her when she comes home.
4. Get her creative gifts
Besides flowers and jewelry, try to come up with odd and unique gift ideas that she will never think of receiving. Maybe a fancy new phone, a new pair of slippers, anything really that you can think of that you can picture her liking. This is a way to show you care and that you are interested in making her happy.
5. Spend time together
Putting aside quality time is essential in creating a bond between you and your girlfriend. Put aside one night a week for a movie night either at home or at the theaters, go for walks, go out for dinner and so on.
What characteristics do you look for in your adorable cute type of boyfriend? Is the cute aspect of a guy more important to you than his strength, macho, and manliness? Does being cute make you even less than a man? Write your comments below!


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